About Us

Officers for 2017-18

President: Tia Scarce
1st Vice President: Marty Ronish
2nd Vice President/Programs: Janice Noe
Secretary: Linda Murray
Treasurer: Susan Durr
Immediate Past President: Sally Wassall

Since 1934 we have been members of:
National Garden Clubs, Inc., Pacific Region
Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs
Since 1955 we have been charter members of the Evergreen District
Edmonds Floretum Garden Club provides a friendly atmosphere for educational opportunities to promote knowledge of horticulture, the art of floral and landscape design, conservation of natural resources, protecting wildlife, civic beautification and above all, the love of gardening, while honoring its charter purpose of beautifying Edmonds.


 Edmonds Floretum Garden Club History

To view a presentation on the history of Edmonds Floretum Garden Club, click here  (presentation courtesy of Jeri Schoenfeld),


1922 Floretum Society formed to beautify Main Street. Held evening meetings and husbands, if they wanted dinner, came to the meetings.

1923 First plant sale which became an annual tradition.

1924 Sponsored Rose and Dahlia Shows for 30 years.

1934 Became charter member of the WSFGC.

1942 Sponsored Christmas decoration contest for yards.

1950 Partnered with the Audubon Society to hold birdhouse building contest among school children.

1955 Became member of Evergreen District of Garden Clubs

1956 Co-sponsored with Chamber of Commerce the making of 50 hanging baskets for downtown beautification.

1972 Helped plan downtown fountain with Chamber of Commerce; donated flowering cherries for Main Street.

1976 Kay Hedges chaired the Centennial Harvest Festival at Milltown – had 100 entries and many spectators.

1980 City called on Floretum’s flower expertise to plan for the downtown corner plantings and planting baskets.

1985 City hired two full time employees for the flower program; Floretum continued its partnership with the city in flower plantings.

1989 Officially added “Edmonds” to the Floretum Garden Club name. Donated the Christmas tree planted in Centennial Plaza downtown.

1992 Eileen Johnston gave a talk to the Chamber of Commerce on history of Edmonds Floretum. A number of past club presidents attended.

1993 through the 90’s Club members made Christmas floral designs for the Senior Citizens Club of Edmonds, as well as providing spring bulbs and other plants for the Senior Center. Club members were docent to Edmonds Museum.

1995-97 NCSGC, Inc. improved yearbook requirements. Edmonds Floretum won first place at National, State and Regional Level for its yearbook. Eileen Johnston was President.

1997 Celebrated Diamond Jubilee.

Additionally in the 90’s, . . . . .

Members helped staff the Horticulture and Design room at the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe. Members entered horticulture and artistic design divisions.

Peggy Olson served as Honor Club Chair of club activities and achievements and submitted entries to the District Director. Each year Floretum won an Honor Club Award.

Annually in May, members visited designated Club member gardens. This provided a social opportunity for members to connect.

1995 Initiated and worked with the Madrona Magnet School’s junior garden club, the “Rhododendrons”. Marci Kaltenback prepared a Book of Evidence, and the club received a state award of $45. This was a very special award!

1999 Began donating spring bulbs to city of Edmonds. Plans made for yearly donations to the Park Flower Fund. Floretum planted trees along 7th Avenue, next to ball fields.

1990 to 2003 A number of members attended State Conventions and Galas in Bellingham to Tacoma. Members entered flower shows sponsored by the state and district.

Two members held leadership positions in Evergreen District. Mari-Lynn Hancock served as District Vice President and as District Director for 4 years. From 1999-2003, Eileen Johnston served as Vice-Pres. For 2 years and 2 years as President. Eileen also chaired the Spring Boutique and the Christmas Boutique. Peggy Olson served as District Secretary and Floral Design. Frances Allen was District Registration Chair 2 years. Kay Hedges was Evergreen District Treasurer.

1993-2003 Blue Star Marker, north of Marysville. Club members worked on garden planting improvement.

Throughout the 90’s, Floretum provided homemade pies, crafts, and a Santa attic of children’s toys, bicycles, etc. for the District Christmas Boutique at Floral Hall in Everett. Each spring a luncheon was held and all clubs helped provide the food. Tables were decorated. Design tables were prepared for display and judging. The income from these events provided rental payment to the city of Everett for Legion Hall, entrance to City Park and plantings at the grounds..

2001-2003 Our Club members signed up to help as Hostess in Design and Horticulture for the NW Flower and Garden Show in Seattle – members from the Evergreen District clubs also signed up to help with the NW Flower Show.

2003 Continued gardening program at the Senior Center, plant barrels, weed and maintain existing plants.

1991-2004 Floretum members use plant sale funds to sponsor Horticultural scholarships for students at Edmonds Community College and Washington State University.

2003-2005 President Barbara Chase started having the Mini-boutique in November. Former President Frances Allen had a booth at the Masonic Hall. People were encouraged to bring their food and crafts.

Public and Private garden tours were begun under President Chase’s leadership.

2005 Initiated quarterly Saturday workshops under President Dolores Dean for the Edmonds community. The program becomes permanent fixture.

2006 Started the maintenance of the plants at the Sno-Isle library, under President Dolores Dean.

2008 Began in November to plant trees along 7th Avenue Ball Parks – Chanticleer pear trees were planted to honor our Club’s Armed Forces Members and Veterans. $400.00 donated to the city Parks/flower Fund

2008 The Edmonds Floretum Garden Club’s history is documented and written by President Betty Larman.

2008 April-June exhibit of the history and many accomplishments of the Edmonds Floretum Garden Club “A Blooming History” is successfully presented at the Edmonds Historical Museum.

2008 Start of the new tradition to recognize the members with 20+ years and honor them as” Legacy Members”. Members will be so honored each year at the May Spring Hat Luncheon and receive a special name tag.

2008 The club is charged to help the city with the redesign and maintenance of the historic Old Mill Town Garden, purchased by the city for the enjoyment of all citizens.

2008 The Edmonds Floretum Garden Club Cook Book committee compiled a collection of members’ food recipes and published it as a fund raiser.

2009 The garden club grew by 17 members. Two $1000.00 Scholarships were awarded to deserving area horticultural students.

Two chanticleer pear trees were donated to the city and planted to honor our Legacy Members. $400.00 donated to the city Flower fund

2009 Members produced a beautiful ‘Blooming Tulips’ quilt to be raffled for Old Mill Town garden.

2009 A logo was created by President Betty Larman with the help of the Board and a pin was made and given to all those who contributed to the club by working in any capacity for the benefit of all.

2009 A new project is entertained: a city Community Garden, Edmonds P-Patch.

2009 Betty Larman, with the help of Diane Buckshnis, submitted the paperwork to make the EFGC a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. IRS acknowledges submittal and EFGC became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are now tax-deductible.
2010 We created a new website with webmaster Jeri Schoenfeld:www.edmondsfloretumgardenclub.org


2010 Renown architect Paul Wu and landscape Architect Audrey West along with Pres. Betty Larman and
many other EFGC members created a designed for the renovation of Old Mill Town. Mr. Wu and Ms. West worked pro bono on this project and we all are extremely grateful.

Established Edmonds Community Garden with 12 garden plots at Edmonds Christian Church location.

2011  Continued developing the scope and plan for Old Mill Town garden, along with civic and city leaders.  Project scheduled to start late 2011.  

Community Garden continues to flourish with 24 plots rented.  Awards given by the State garden organization (WSFGC), including 1st Place for the Club yearbook, with other awards for website and contributions to the beautification of the City. 

2012 Old Milltown Garden was renamed Hazel Miller Plaza and dedicated on June 12, 2012. President Jeri Schoenfeld spoke on behalf of the Floretum Garden Club at the ceremony held with Mayor Earling and many community, civic and city leaders. The Floretum Club donated $12,000 to this project, with many dedicated members providing time and money. A memorial bench was purchased for longtime member, Rachel Setchfield, as one of the original gardeners of this space. It now serves as a gathering place and gateway for Edmonds.  A bronze plaque was installed showcasing contributions made by many organizations, including Floretum and individual members of our Club.

Two memorial Pear Trees were planted on 7th Avenue for Floretum’s 90th Anniversary and for those members we lost this past year.

2013 Floretum received numerous awards from State, Pacific Region and National under Pres. Schoenfeld, including the National Garden Club Award for the garden containers at the Hazel Miller Plaza. We also won 1st Place for our yearbook, three awards at the Pacific Regional level, including second place for civic development. Nine awards were won at the state level, including first place for civic development and civic engagement. The Club received a special award from the Washington State Recreation & Parks Department given to the Floretum Garden Club for their contribution to Edmonds Parks and Recreation. Present at the awards ceremony to accept this award was the current President, Jeri Schoenfeld, and the incoming President Patti Greene.

2015 Floretum receives Citizen of the Year Award from Edmonds Kiwanis Club.

…making Edmonds beautiful