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Master Gardener and Horticulturist Tips:

• Starting Vegetable & Flower Seeds Indoors – Floretum President and Master Gardener, Sally  Wassall, starts many of her plants from seed.  Here’s how she does it:  “Starting Seeds  Indoors : Page 1 & Page 2        

• Propagating Perennial/Shrubs:  Division and Cuttings Check out the great tips on propagation courtesy of Floretum Member and Master Gardener, Barbara Chase.  Click here to see her handout.   

• Trees for City Gardens  –  Horticulturist Janice Noe presented helpful advice about Trees for City  Gardens, noting that the Pacific Northwest tends to overgrow its trees!
You can see her list  of height- appropriate trees here.

• Sweet Peas & Basil from Seed  –  Master Gardener Barbara Chase has written an easy-to- follow guideline for ” Starting Sweet Peas and Basil from Seed” indoors.

• Gardening with Native Plants & Favorites in the GardenOrnamental Horticulturist and Floretum member Nancy Moore shares great resources for  “Gardening with Native Plants ” and lists  “Favorites in Her Garden“.  


Planting Tips

• Delphiniums   need rich, porous soil and regular fertilizing.  Add lime if soil is strongly acidic.  These plants definitely need to be well-fed or they will die. – Sally Wassall

• Lavender  (Lavandula) is hardier and less finicky than Delphiniums.  Lavender needs well-drained    soil with little or no fertilizer.  Mulch with pea gravel, decomposed granite or sand rather than organic material.  It needs very little water. – Sally Wassall

 • Zantedeschia(Zantedeschia)  require moist, almost boggy soil and full sun to bloom.  Water regularly during growth and flowering.  Calla Lilies are related to the lowly skunk cabbage that
thrives in swampy areas. – Sally Wassall


Natural Gardening Tips:    

• Unwanted grass? To get rid of the lawn, just cover it with cardboard and/or layers of newspaper,  then put wood chips on top.  This will kill the grass so that eventually perennials, shrubs and/or trees  can be planted without removing the sod.  Fall or winter is the best time to do this. – Sally Wassall

• Tomato Plants Sprinkle a handful of finely crushed eggshells at the bottom of the hole in the soil before setting in your tomato plants.  Eggshells provide extra calcium to the soil and will help prevent  blossom end rot.  Make sure the eggshells are clean prior to crushing them. – Nancy Singhrs

• Vinegar Get rid of those pesky weeds on gravel paths, brick walk ways and cracks in your patio  or driveway.  Spray them with vinegar!  It is inexpensive, non-toxic and fast acting.  Vinegar works  best when conditions are warm, dry and the sun is out.  Note:  Vinegar can be a powerful week killer,
so be careful not to spray it near plants you want to keep around! – Nancy Singhrs

• Slug ControlTake a plastic container and cut out circles on opposite sides about one inch above  above the bottom (see picture below).  Fill the container with beer up to just below the circles.  Put a lid on the container and place in your garden.  Slugs are attracted to this and will crawl inside and drown.  You can strain the liquid to remove the dead slugs, then reuse your container. – Susan Durr


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